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Green Light is a Washington i502 retail marijuana store in the Spokane Valley. Number one in sales in Spokane County for two years running, we spend our time providing the best products Washington offers. We do not seek awards and accolades, our customers vote with their dollars. Green Light has incredible customer service and a wide variety of premium cannabis products including flowers, edibles, concentrates, topicals, glass, and smoking accessories. This is achieved by working directly with Washington’s top indoor producer/processors and listening to you. Green Light ensures customers receive quality products at competitive, reasonable prices.

Our team is made up of seasoned veterans that know their product.  When you come to Green Light we make you feel welcome and comfortable, so we can get you exactly what you want.  We pride ourselves in understanding all aspects of the marijuana industry, and recommend products from experience and firsthand knowledge.



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ID Number: 21540082

6 Years (Adult)

Domestic Longhair



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Squeak is on her way to her new bikini body! She has lost more than a pound already and is feeling so much better about herself after just a little progress. It may take a while, but she’s going to get there! Even with the extra padding around the middle, she is a surprisingly active and fast girl. She much prefers to be out of her condo than in it and she will always try to bolt if you leave an opening. If you catch her and bring her back, she tends to sulk just a little bit. She is a beautiful cat with a striking coat and intense eyes. She pretty and she knows it. Squeak has so much potential. She is already so active, it’s hard to imagine how active she’ll become once the weight comes off and she feels so much better.

Squeak is confident, assertive and entertaining. Because of her strong personality, she needs to be the only cat in her new home. She reacts pretty strongly when other cats get too close, so we strongly recommend she not go to a home with other cats. She seems comfortable doing her own thing. She is pretty ‘firm’ in her attentions to people. Loves to rub against your legs, in and out, and isn’t afraid to put some muscle into those contacts. Won’t say she leaves bruises, but you’ll know you’ve been visited by Squeak! She likes doing her own thing, in her own time and we’re pretty sure that once she goes home, she’s going to be the one in charge.

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We pride ourselves on our selection, customer service and amazing customers. Here is what others have said about Green Light.

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“Excellent customer service here. No one tapping their toes because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted when I walked in. No one sighing heavily because I have a set amount I can spend this visit. It’s like a quick stop to see my friends on the way home. Love this place!”

May 2020

“I really like the set up at this location. It’s well lit and easy to find things. Once the other customers were assisted, Jared helped me find the chocolates I had been wanting, along with some other goodies. He was friendly and helped me get in and out so I could get back to work. Thanks for the friendly service, I’ll be back!”

April 2020

“Every time I choose Green Light over the other dispensaries in our region, I find that not only am I purchasing better quality products, but I also encounter an educated staff.  It is a terrific experience.”

March 2020

“I LOVE Green Light. Hands down my favorite shop. They have the best selection and prices in town. The staff is always friendly, and easy to work with. Check ’em out!!”

February 2020